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🕐 05-12-18 7:18 PMphotosphere42
Photo 56451
Lens: NIKKOR 50mm 1:2.
🕐 05-11-18 5:48 PMphotosphere42
Got it!
Lens: NIKKOR 50mm 1:2.
🕐 05-11-18 5:47 PMphotosphere42
High voltage.
Lens: NIKKOR 50mmm 1:2.
🕐 05-9-18 6:51 AMwalter
"Come on, and fight me!"
By: walter
Thank you very much, foongkwonghoi - for your ever so kind *Like* to my image of this actor - The Viking reenactment happens every summer, here in my neighboring hometown, where contestants from all over Europe gather for a week. This one here, is taking his role 100% serious.
🕐 05-4-18 6:46 AMwalter
Yellow Rose of Texas
By: walter
@ kanzer16:
Thank you very much for your well appreciated 'Like' to this image of the "Yellowe Rose"!
Best regards,
Walter from Norway
🕐 04-27-18 6:55 AMwalter
Spring is in the Air and on the ground ...
By: walter
Thanks for the 'Like' - Yuriylux!
🕐 04-22-18 2:26 PMwalter
By: walter
Thank you, hyperfocal - for your kind comment on my image.
🕐 04-22-18 10:13 AMshapencolour
Photo 56279
Thank you Jorge.Glad to hear that.Making this picture I wanted to convey the calm and quiet mood of that historical place in the morning.
🕐 04-11-18 2:44 PMakul
Photo 2027

Beautiful shot ! I know it is from 2011, but that makes no difference. It still is a beautiful shot.
🕐 04-10-18 11:19 AMshapencolour
Photo 56140
Thank you grzesiek.
🕐 04-10-18 11:18 AMshapencolour
Photo 56144
Thank you grzesiek.
🕐 04-10-18 11:17 AMshapencolour
Photo 56154
Thank you grzesiek.
🕐 03-30-18 8:37 PMhyperfocal
Third Beach. Olympic Nat. Park, Wa.
I have some images from Shi Shi., but it's too late to have it posted. You can never predict weather on the coast. It's finicky. I suggest rubber boots for the stretch of the trail between Makah Reservation and Shi Shi. It's 5 miles of mud even in the summer.
🕐 03-28-18 6:11 AMphotosphere42
Last sunlight hitten the rocks of AlcĂ ntara river, Sicily.
By: jeroen
Very nice, well done!
🕐 03-25-18 6:10 AMbushwacker
Photo 56113
Tnx bro
🕐 03-20-18 11:38 AMwalter
Panorama-stitch (test)
By: walter
Thanks for the 'Like' Torralba - Jorge! Appreciate you taking time to check!
🕐 03-14-18 4:07 AMwalter
'round the bend
By: walter
Thank you, for your 'Like' - frs6co!
🕐 03-12-18 8:12 PMphotosphere42
Lens: Nikon NIKKOR-S Auto 1:1.2 f=55mm.
🕐 03-12-18 4:05 PMhyperfocal
Photo 17818
By: tony
Great awe!!!
🕐 03-12-18 4:03 PMhyperfocal
Photo 56081
By: jeroen
I think your images would greatly benefit from a short description of physical location, like: "Lake Michigan", or "Upper Kenai Peninsula", so the viewer might appreciate location, and lengths you went to to get it...