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🕐 06-16-18 11:02 AMderx
Olga Kobzar
By: eriver
🕐 06-12-18 4:12 PMdalth500
Lofoten, Norway - Uttakleiv Beach
You were there before all the other people and tripods started showing up - stunning image sir!
🕐 06-11-18 12:04 PMscenario
By: joecan
Love it
🕐 06-10-18 10:02 AMtorralba
Photo 100299
By: a700
Wow. Scenes like this are all over the world. Young people, their dogs, same hair styles, same attire .... Nothing changes from place to place.
🕐 06-5-18 8:25 AMtorralba
White Wolf No.1
What an amazing looking beast. Simply beautiful
🕐 06-5-18 6:36 AMtorralba
An Evening in the Tuileries
Interesting but very nice.
🕐 06-2-18 11:10 PMwalter
Natural- and Street-Lights (Bokeh)
By: walter
Thank you, frankmy - for your 'Like' to this image!
🕐 05-31-18 3:56 PMtorralba
Interior - National History Museum, London
Great! Thats where I was married.

Embeded Photo
🕐 05-31-18 7:58 AMtorralba
cows near pargues
Wow. I really love this shot. The lighting and subtle colors do it for me!
🕐 05-30-18 5:41 PMphotosphere42
Photo 100231
Lens: NIKKOR-S Auto 1:1.2 f=55mm f5.6
🕐 05-29-18 12:31 PMtorralba
Photo 100229
Very crisp with well defined separation. 100 or 135 ?
🕐 05-27-18 8:23 AMtorralba
Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass
This is absolutely stunning. I only wish you had a 4k version posted so I could set it as my desktop background :)

The lighting and colors of this picture are spot on. It gives a sense of being there while the sun is setting. Again, Awesome!
🕐 05-27-18 8:19 AMtorralba
The surfer
By: j-b
Brave man going out into the surf. The B&W adds drama to this shot. Well done!
🕐 05-27-18 12:26 AMtorralba
Olga Kobzar
By: eriver
Love the back light and warm glow.
🕐 05-21-18 6:02 PMhyperfocal
The Ridge Trail
By: berto
Great composition, right-on exposure...
🕐 05-16-18 3:08 PMtorralba
Sunburst II
I am going to guess Shi Shi, Rialto 3rd ..... ???? Beautiful image.
🕐 05-16-18 3:05 PMtorralba
Revisiting this image. What a standout photo in so many ways. Simply awesome !
🕐 05-16-18 2:52 PMtorralba
Photo 56085
By: jeroen
This image is mind blowing. It is a phenomenal image. Please post a 3900 pixel wide version so I can use it for my desktop :)
🕐 05-16-18 1:34 AMoperagrafica
Photo 100044
Depending on the weather, certain days create two opposing currents that cross each other.
🕐 05-15-18 10:02 AMtorralba
A Glimpse of Hope
Magical image. Out of this world good!